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Use QuickBooks-Compatible Apps to Reduce Data Entry

As a small business entrepreneur there is a lot of demand on your time from competing forces, not the least of which are accounting and administrative tasks. For most business owners and their support staff, these tasks are the necessary evil of doing business, often put off until the last possible moment in favor of […]

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The Philanthropreneurs of Today

Technology has played an enormous role in transforming our lives, making our day-to-day activities indefinitely easier and less time-consuming. Who doesn’t know the tech-savvy leaders of this century?  Masterminds like Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook), Jan Koum (Founder of Whatsapp) and many more have revolutionized this modern era. Not only […]

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Boeing Hacked — U.S. Military Data Stolen

The Justice Department reported on Friday July 11 that a Chinese businessman in Canada hacked into Boeing’s computer system and stole information about U.S. military aircraft and weapons dating back to 2010.  The information was sold to companies in China after the man obtained it by someone at Boeing clicking a link which allowed him […]

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Cybersecurity: How to Tell if You’ve Had an IT Security Breach

IT security breaches — we’re hearing about them more and more every day in the news.  Companies are starting to realize that they are vulnerable to breaches and taking the threat seriously, but how can you tell if your company has had a breach? Your system admin should be reviewing the following items:

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Incubators, Accelerators and Helping Entrepreneurs

In the DC Metro area, Montgomery County recently announced it was closing one of the region’s largest biotech incubators to open a cybersecurity center.  Fortify Ventures recently announced it was closing its DC-based accelerator, “The Fort,” after accelerating 17 tech companies over the last several years to focus on growing and running their venture fund, […]

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