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Is it Equity, Debt, or Some of Each?


Investor financing for today’s tech companies is complex, different terms in convertible debt, warrants, and preferred stock can result in surprising and difficult accounting treatments. At a recent Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) workshop, both SEC and PCAOB representatives emphasized the risk of financial statement misstatements due to complexities in equity vs. liability determination […]

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Financials 101 for Startups – Part II: The Balance Sheet

The purpose of the balance sheet is to give, at a point in time,  a picture of the financial position of a company. It has three components: assets, liabilities, and equity. Assets are items that will provide a future benefit to the company, either through use of the item (for example, a prepaid computer maintenance […]

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Financials 101 for Startups – Part I: The Big Picture

Each of the components of your financial statements provides unique information; however, they must be assessed together to get a complete picture of a company. The balance sheet shows the financial position at a point in time, the income statement demonstrates the company’s ability to manage expenses and revenues (if you are far enough along […]

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Getting QuickBooks Ready for Your CPA

It’s the beginning of December and finalizing the books for the year is already on your mind.  What can you do before sending your QuickBooks file to your CPA to make it easier for them to prepare the annual financial statements and tax returns?  Here is a brief checklist to simplify the process:

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