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Fundraising Strategies: How to Reach Millennials

MP900439424Millennials are now the largest age group, and soon will surpass baby boomers in having the largest buying power by 2017. There is a lot of incentive and opportunity for organizations, including non-profits, to engage with this generation. But millennials have changed the face of communication, particularly with those wishing to advertise to them, and the old ways of fundraising have been become less effective. So how can a non-profit organization best engage with millennials, and earn a loyal following among them? See below for a few tips on how to engage millennials better in your organization.

  • Millennials, like most people, like to feel that they are making a real difference with their donation. They care about the mission, not the organization. When communicating your message, emphasize the mission and how it relates to what an ordinary person can provide to help the mission succeed. Use specific facts and numbers to show the impact of a single donation, or better yet, a monthly donation. Be specific and clear about how the money they donate is used – this builds trust in your organization and that you are the organization most suited for the mission.
  • Make it as easy as possible for them to contribute – even just sharing the news about your mission can make a big impact and lead to more donors. The more options you give them, the more likely they are to donate something: money, time, awareness. All are valuable.
  • You can accomplish this is through your website: make your website simple, easy to understand and navigate, and mobile compatible. I cannot stress that enough. If someone is inspired to donate when they are not near a computer – don’t stand in their way! By the time they get home, they may have forgotten or become too busy to log into your computer-only website to donate.
  • Another way to reach mobile donors – team up with mobile payment options like Venmo, Apple pay, Google wallet, Paypal, etc. Don’t make your donors fish out their credit cards and carefully type in the number. A difficult transaction is a lost donor.
  • Don’t talk about the organization, talk about people who have been helped by your mission. People connect with people, not organizations. Start a blog or website, and post plenty of shareable pictures and direct quotes from the people who are helped. Keep people updated frequently on your mission accomplishments – but don’t spam. People want to know how their donation has impacted the people in need they read about on your blog. The more updated your blog is, the bigger the perceived impact of your mission.




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