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Donor-Advised Funds Continue Upward Trend

Donor-advised funds have become increasingly popular in the past few years and have continued their growth in 2015. A donor-advised fund is when a public charity provides a vehicle for donors to contribute money that is managed by the receiving organization. A donor can open an account within a fund and deposit cash, marketable securities, or any other financial donations to the fund directly and give up ownership to the organization of all donated funds. The donors do have some say in how the account is invested and how the organization distributes money within the charities once it is withdrawn from the account.

Donor-advised funds held $70.7 billion in assets during 2014 and that number is set to increase by the end of 2015. These funds can be a valuable tool for organizations that rely on charitable donations as a source of revenue and can allow for enhanced trust between the donor and the organization. With donor-advised funds on the rise, integrating this tool into your organization can prove valuable for years to come. For more information, visit

Facebook to Add Donation Capabilities During Crisis Response Efforts

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailThe Social Good team within Facebook is planning a long-term commitment to partner with nonprofits to assist with fundraising and crisis response efforts worldwide. The Social Good team is responsible for building platforms in which Facebook users are able to perform positive social actions through the social media website. The team was created in the wake of Facebook’s addition of a “donate now” feature for nonprofits to post on their profile for direct access to users for donations. In addition to the donate features now possible through Facebook, they have also added a safety check feature deployed after major natural disaster strikes which allows uses to connect with family and friends living within the affected area to ensure their safety. According to Anna White, spokeswoman for the Social Good team, “Clearly Mark [Zuckerberg] is very focused on social impact, both personally and professionally.”

The technology has proven to be an effective medium for donations during crisis response scenarios, but it has yet to be determined what impact it will provide to nonprofits in a more general fundraising effort. An independent study conducted by fundraising-software company Blackbaud concluded that only 1 percent of all online fundraising is through social media. While the current state of online donation isn’t dominated by social media, it can still be a useful tool for nonprofits now and could gain popularity through awareness of the capability in the future. For more information visit

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