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Jillian Gobbo is a manager in Aronson’s audit and accounting practice and a member of our Employee Benefit Plan Services Group, dedicated year round to this practice area.With over six years of public accounting experience, she provides audit and assurance services to employee benefit plans and the related trusts, including defined contribution and health and welfare plans.

Jillian Gobbo

Another Day, Another Deadline – Don’t Miss the 5500 Deadline for Your 401(k) Plan!

deadlineCongratulations!  March 15th has come and gone and your 401(k) compliance testing is done and refunds have been issued.   Now you can relax!  Or can you?  You still need to make sure your Form 5500 is filed for last year.  Failing to file on time or failing to file the Form 5500 with audited financial statements, if required, can be quite costly.  Don’t let this deadline sneak up on you.

Form 5500 must be filed electronically by the last day of the 7th calendar month after the plan year-end.  For calendar year 2013 plans, this is July 31, 2014.  Filing an automatic extension, Form 5558, extends the deadline an additional 2 ½ months, to October 15th for calendar year end plans.  A penalty of up to $1,100 a day can be assessed for each day a plan administrator fails to file a complete and accurate return!

That deadline may seem far away, but if you are a large plan filer (generally more than 100 participants at the beginning of the plan year) and you must file audited financial statements with your Form 5500, you need to start the process

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