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Where Do My Tax Dollars Go? – There’s an App for That!

On the heels of tax season, you may be wondering where your tax dollars are going. The White House launched an online tool that lets people see just that.

As mentioned in the Hill blog, the White House’s Federal Tax Receipt tool allows taxpayers to enter their tax information and in return provides a breakdown of tax dollars received by general areas of the government.

A look at the site reveals a breakdown of the biggest use of American taxpayer dollars, begininng with 26 percent of federal tax dollars going to national defense spending.

Healthcare spending comes in second at 24 percent, and “job and family security” comes in third at almost 22 percent, which includes unemployment insurance, food assistance programs and housing assistance programs.

The next highest percentage of federal tax dollars spent is “education and job training,” which comes in at less than 5 percent.

Try out the app on the White House website.

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