Crowdfunding Classrooms: a Unique Approach for Obtaining School Supplies

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In today’s educational environment, having a dynamic, innovative, and adaptive mentality toward your mission is essential.

For nonprofits and educational institutions, many struggle to carry out their mission because of budgets. Shannon Raftery, a kindergarten teacher faces the unrealistic task of providing her 25 students with a quality education each school year on a $200 supply budget. Shannon typically spends $100 – $150 each paycheck in an attempt to meet her students’ educational needs, but despite her philanthropic efforts the additional amount isn’t enough.

It has become clear that a different approach is necessary to create a nurturing learning environment for Shannon’s students and many others in similar situations. Shannon turned to Crowdfunding to acquire the necessities for her students and has been successful so far. Education campaigns through Crowdfunding websites have received significant contributions in recent years. In 2010, Crowdfunding raised $31.2 million that number grew over four times in 2015 to $140 million for education campaigns.

For now, schools and their teachers have been able to help close the gap for their budget deficits through Crowdfunding. However, in a constantly changing business environment, it is very likely that a different approach to acquire the necessary funding for their students’ education will be required in the near future. Therefore, the demand for individuals and organizations that are able to provide services for these types of organizations to prosper is exponential.

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