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GSA Roundtable on Transactional Data Rule Highlights Industry Concerns

On February 7, the General Services Administration (GSA) hosted a roundtable panel event to discuss its pilot program under the Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) rule. The discussion included Kevin Youel Page, the Deputy Commissioner of GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS); Judith Zawatsky, the Director of GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Program Management Office; Elliott Branch, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Acquisition & Procurement); and Larry Allen, the President of Allen Federal Business Partners.

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Event Alert: Decoding Budgeting Indirect Rates

Budgeting indirect rates is a process that goes well beyond dumping last year’s data into an old Excel spreadsheet in order to “guesstimate” next year’s expenses. For the savvy government contractor, it’s an analytical process that looks at various aspects of your company’s historical and future points of view in order to remain competitive and profitable.

Fiscally responsible government contractors should prepare their Fiscal Year budgets for submission to the government by December or early January but it is never too soon to begin preparing. Whether you have time and materials, firm fixed price or cost reimbursement contracts, this informative webinar will provide you both an overview of the general requirements and practical tips for meeting them. Reserve your spot today!

Learning Objectives:

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Formatted Product Tool (FPT) Part II – Baselining Your GSA Pricing

GSA has released the solicitation refreshes and mass modifications incorporating the Formatted Product Tool (FPT)  into Schedules 58I (Professional Audio/Video), 51V (Hardware Superstore), and 72 (Furnishings & Floor Coverings).   All new offers under these schedules must utilize the FPT in eOffer for pricing analysis and negotiation.

Pricing proposals will first go through the FPT process to standardize Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPNs).  The system will identify products for standardization. Contractors will either need to accept the system-identified MPN or provide rationale to support a system identification error.  Pricing will still be evaluated via the Competitive Pricing Initiative (CPI) methodology.  The pricing analysis and MPN standardization process may result in the vendor having to edit and resubmit corrections to their offer.

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GSA Moves Forward with the Implementation of the new Formatted Product Tool (FPT)

The Formatted Product Tool (FPT) has been established to assist GSA contracting officers in their evaluation and negotiation of all participating contractors’ schedule pricing.  The FPT is expected to assist GSA with standardizing Manufacturer Part Numbers in order to streamline analysis of fair and reasonable pricing.  The tool will utilize complex algorithms to compare all similar products and ensure pricing is within an established variance.

The Formatted Product Tool will also update and replace the old SIP and CORS systems for processing GSA Advantage price list uploads.  The FPT will automatically publish new pricing/products to GSA Advantage upon award of such modifications.  Contractors are required to publish their entire product offering on GSA Advantage. 

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GSA Announces Dates for Formatted Product Tool Rollout

On Monday, June 2016, GSA announced plans to roll out its new Formatted Product Tool (FPT) to certain Schedules, starting with the next round of solicitation refreshes and mandatory modifications.  The current plan is to start the rollout in mid-July with Schedules 72 (Furnishings) and 58 I (Professional A/V) and then continue at two week intervals with Schedules 75 (Office Products), 73 (Food Services),  51V (Hardware Superstore) and 70 IT.

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