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Executive Order to Raise Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors – Much Ado about Not Much?

As promised in the State of the Union address and noted in our previous blog on this subject, President Obama has issued an executive order raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour for certain federal government contracting employees.  Despite the hoopla surrounding the President’s announcement, the executive order is not likely to affect the majority of contractors or their employees.

First, while the executive order is effective immediately, the rate increase does not take effect until January 1, 2015. Even then, it applies only to new solicitations issued after that date or renewals of current contracts in which other terms are also being modified. Any agencies negotiating contracts between now and January 1, 2015 are “strongly urged,” but not required, to ensure workers covered by these contracts receive a minimum wage of $10.10 per hour. Existing contracts will only be modified if,

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President Obama’s State of the Union Call-Out to Contractors

Untitled-1In a State of the Union address characterized by promises of Executive Orders and bold action, President Obama made several statements directly related to government contractors and the federal budget.  In fact, he called out contractors specifically when talking about his focus on wage equality and living wages:

“In the coming weeks, I will issue an Executive Order requiring federal contractors to pay their federally-funded employees a fair wage of at least $10.10 an hour – because if you cook our troops’ meals or wash their dishes, you shouldn’t have to live in poverty.”

The reality that most federal contractors

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Resources for Vets Re-entering Job Market

Joining Forces is dedicated to connecting our servicemen and women, veterans and military spouses with the resources they need to find jobs at home. President Obama believes that no veteran should have to fight for a job at home after they fight for our nation overseas.

Companies across America are answering the call to recruit, hire, promote and retain military spouses in portable careers. Companies are answering the call to recruit, hire, promote and retain military veterans and service members.

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Obama’s FY14 Budget Proposal NOT Retirement Plan Friendly!

The Obama Administration’s recently released fiscal year 2014 budget contains several provisions that are less than advantageous as they relate to retirement plans. These provisions are by no means final, however, as Congress has yet to work its way through them.

The proposed budget contains two specific provisions that would greatly reduce the attractiveness of retirement plans to small businesses:

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Perfect Storm: Congress Extends CR, Government Shutdown Avoided

Lacking the brinkmanship that citizens have become accustom to, Congress voted to extend the continuing resolution (CR) a full 6 days before the current CR was set to expire. President Obama signed the bill over the weekend.   The Government is now funded through September 30, 2013 at the levels mandated by sequestration.  Congress did make several minor adjustments to the sequestration mandated cuts.  For instance, funding was moved to the Department’s of Agriculture’s food inspection service and DoD’s tuition reimbursement program. 

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