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Decoding Budgeting Indirect Rates Webinar: Questions? Aronson Answers – Part II

As promised, a continuation of the Q&A from Aronson’s Government Contracting webinar “Decoding Budgeted Indirect Rates,” presented by Donna Dominguez and Aisha Mian.

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Decoding Budgeting Indirect Rates Webinar: Questions? Aronson Answers

On October 20, 2016, our Aronson LLC government contracting specialists Donna Dominguez and Aisha Mian hosted “Decoding Budgeted Indirect Rates,” where they provided tips, guidance, and best practices to help government contractors efficiently build their budgeted indirect rates for the upcoming year. As a follow up to this webinar, Donna and Aisha have prepared answers to a large number of attendee questions that we wanted to share. To watch the webinar, please visit this link.

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Can Your Indirect Rates Stand Up to Transportation Audit?

When you’re working with the Virginia Department of Transportation, or a department of transportation in any other state, the indirect rates you are charging have to comply with certain rules and regulations. According to FAR Part 31.201-2, a cost is only allowable when it is reasonable, allocable, follows generally accepted accounting principles and practices appropriate to the circumstances, and is complaint with contract terms.

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Alliant 2 Deadline Extended for Third Time

While Alliant 2 bidders have been feverishly working on getting their proposals together, they received some welcome news of another extension to October 7th   for Alliant 2 Unrestricted and Alliant 2 Small Business (A2 SB).  There was no reason stated for the extension, however recent news of the second bid protest may leave many wondering.  This is the third extension for Alliant 2 with the first one extending the due date to September 13th, then to September 23rd and now finally to October 7th.  The GSA provided reason for the first extension stating it was to allow more time for contracting officer-approved proposal templates from their client agencies for submission.  GSA has not provided reasons for the last two extensions.

Many were skeptical about the stated reason for the first extension since it came almost immediately after the first bid protest by mid-tier company, Enterprise Information Services Inc. (EIS).  However, EIS has now withdrawn its protest for reasons that are unclear.  EIS is not required to tell the Government Accountability Office (GAO) their reason for withdrawal but there is speculation that GSA may have shared information with EIS leading them to withdraw their complaint.

While EIS withdrew its bid protest on September 8th, an additional protest was filed by another mid-tier company.   The second protest case is currently open with a decision due date of December 23, 2016.  By being somewhere in the middle of a small and large business, mid-tier companies have been left feeling disadvantaged by not being able to claim as many past performance points on the self-scoring.  A2 SB allows for small businesses to team with other small businesses that have large prime contracts.  This gives them a way to claim a larger amount of points related to breadth and past performance.   Large businesses can also likely claim a majority of the past performance points making them competitive amongst their large business peers.  Therefore, some mid tiers feel like they have to fight for spots somewhere in between these two areas.

It will be interesting to see if other pre-award protests pop up or if any others are withdrawn.  The GSA can continue to accept and review bids on Alliant 2 while a pre-award protest decision is pending but cannot make an award until the protest is decided.  For more information about Alliant 2, stay up to date with GSA Interact!

Alliant 2 Due Date Extended…Again!

GSA Interact sent another notice extending the due date for both Alliant 2 Unrestricted and Alliant 2 Small Business to Friday, September 23rd.  Nothing was given as to the reason of the extension on GSA Interact.  However, some can’t help but speculate that the recent protest filed against Alliant 2 may have something to do with it.  GSA stated that the first extension had nothing to do with it but there is yet to be a decision reached on that protest.  GSA previously mentioned that protests are unfortunately expected in the acquisition cycle and they’ve built time into the contract timetable to handle them.  It will be interesting to see if there will be yet another extension for Alliant 2.

For more information about Alliant 2, stay up to date with GSA Interact!

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