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Toolkit Tuesday: Creating A Test Directory in Deltek GCS Premier (VIDEO)

In this video, senior technical consultant Aaron Solar shows you how to create a test directory in Deltek GCS Premier that can be used for various types of scenarios without jeopardizing your live/production data. Use a test database for practicing: month end close, changing revenue formulas, changing indirect rate structures, adding service centers, etc.

Toolkit Tuesday: Closing the Fiscal Year in Deltek GCS Premier Using the Two-Directory Method (VIDEO)

In this video, senior technical consultant Aaron Solar shows you how to close the fiscal year  in Deltek GCS Premier using the two-directory method, the differences in year-end vs. month-end closing, and how to roll forward prior year updated general ledger and contract sub-ledger balances.

Toolkit Tuesday: Deltek GCS Premier Training: Service Centers / Intermediate Pools (VIDEO)

In this video, we go through the Deltek GCS Premier service center module, examples of usage, how to add accounts to existing service centers, processing and posting service center costs, and then reviewing to ensure costs were posted correctly and no unallocated costs remain.

Toolkit Tuesday: Cognos Impromptu Security for Deltek GCS Premier (VIDEO)

By and large, all organizations who use GCS Premier also use onboard security, but few put the same care into reporting security, giving everyone administrator-like access to the company’s confidential data. Some of our greatest threats come from within. Protect your employees (SSN/salaries) and your company (indirect rates/contracts/customers/B&P efforts) by taking a few minutes to lock down your data.

Toolkit Tuesday: Deltek GCS Premier Budgeting (VIDEO)

Deltek GCS Premier shows you where you are and where you’ve been. Using systematic budgets helps you see where you are going. In this video, we show you how to setup your fiscal year and budget options, enter labor and non-labor detail data, update your report tables, and run your reports to include budgets.

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