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Live from Deltek Insight 2010 – Find Your Prescription for Success! Part II

Deltek CEO Kevin Parker Has His Finger on the Pulse with Aronson

The 2010 Deltek Insight conference was another huge success for all participants.  Deltek’s President and CEO Kevin Parker stopped by the Aronson booth to check out our live Insight blogging and to monitor the “pulse” on Deltek customers’ needs and satisfaction.  The  exchange of ideas, input from users, and new product development  really kept  up  momentum through the end of the conference.

Aronson’s accounting and technology experts Jan Zall, Linda Riesenman, and Nicole Mitchell conducted popular breakout sessions attracting over 300Deltek users  The topics presented included; “Multiple Companies and CostPoint” by Jan Zall , “Surviving DCAA Audits with GCS Premier” by Nicole Mitchell, and “Strategies for Merging Multiple CostPoint Databases” by Linda Riesenman.   The attendees had positive feedback on the sessions and asked informative questions related to the topics.  Feedback focused mainly on the use of technology to increase efficiency and for obtaining accurate timely data to address the compliance requirements heightened by the current administration emphasis on transparency.

Aronson proved to be the “Cure” for government contractors needs.  Aronson again demonstrated our expertise in the areas of systems, compliance, contract administration, GSA Schedule support, assurance, tax, and M&A; truly full service advisors to Federal contractors.

We hope to see you all next year and to meet even more new faces in Nashville, TN, for Insight 2011.  If you missed the conference and would like your own Aronson “diagnosis and prescription” contact Tom Williams at (301) 222-8289 or twilliams@aronsoncompany.com.

Gulf Oil Spill – new Federal Contract tracking code – Providing Contractor Support in National Emergencies

The Federal Procurement DataBase (FPDS-NG) has added a new National Interest Action (NIA) value, “Gulf Oil Spill 0410” to track the Gulf Oil Spill contracts. The new NIA is is valid from 04/25/2010 to 08/25/2010.

By coordinating with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), GSA provides support to other federal agencies when there is a presidential declaration of disaster or other incident of national significance.  GSA Schedule 84 (LAW) includes products for oil-spill containment under SIN 426 4F – Emergency Preparedness and First Responder Equipment, Training and Services.  114 contractors currently provide products under this SIN.  There are  opportunities for large and small business to provide contractor support in national emergencies.

In addition to federal agencies, state and local governments can access the pre-approved roster of vendors and products offered by GSA Schedule vendors via two programs: GSA’s Cooperative Purchasing program (GSA Schedules LAW-84 and IT-70, all times) and GSA’s Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program (all GSA Schedules, times of disaster).

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Inauguration Day brings much optimism and opportunities

While inauguration day is a Federal Holiday for many in the DC-metro area, some government contractors will be hard at work today along side inaugural federal employees.  FederalDaily.com reports that federal entities involved in inauguration planning and implementation include the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Defense (DoD), the FBI, the Park Police, the Capitol Police, the General Services Administration (GSA), the Smithsonian Museum and others.  Also, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and National Guard will provide personnel for screening and security.

One Lanham, MD contractor, Hargrove, Inc., is the general service contractor for the 10 official inaugural balls and events. Hargrove has been a major contractor for every inauguration since the 1949. The events company will design, fabricate, and set up the decorations and manage lighting, sound, and video.  Additionally, Hargrove will also provide floats for the parade and directional signage.

What opportunities will the new administration hold for you?

The federal government is the single largest buyer in the world.  Our previous post on business development indicated that spending in the commercial sector will be weak in 2009, so additional effort should be made to increase sales to the Federal Government, one of few sectors that will spend more in 2009.  According to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), each year federal agencies spend approximately $350 billion a year for a range of goods and services to meet their mission needs. Some acquisitions are highly specialized – advanced fighter jets, precision munitions, nuclear submarines – for which there is no non-governmental or commercial demand. Other goods and services are readily available and purchased from the commercial marketplace. From laptop computers and off-the-shelf software to information technology (“IT”) consulting services, software development, and engineering services, federal agencies rely upon common commercial goods and services to conduct their business.

Looking to learn more about government contracting vehicles and potential federal opportunities? Register to attend this week’s GovConNet’s breakfast event, “New Administration = New Opportunities” on Thursday, 1/22/09.

Corporate Tax Implications for Teleworking Employees

In a recent private letter ruling, the Virginia Tax Commissioner drives home the point that the existence of one employee residing and working in Virginia (from a home office) created a positive payroll factor and subjected an out-of-state employer to Virginia corporate income tax. The Taxpayer was a limited liability company that filed as a C corporation for income tax purposes. Its corporate headquarters was located outside Virginia. One of its officers, however, resided in Virginia and worked out of his home. Taxpayer withheld Virginia income tax from this officer employee.

The ruling concluded that the existence of positive Virginia apportionment factors establishes income from Virginia sources, i.e., sufficient nexus. Since taxpayer had one employee working and residing in Virginia for whom the employer withheld Virginia income tax, the employer had at least one positive apportionment factor (payroll) and thus was subject to Virginia’s corporate income tax.

This is the position of almost every state.  If you have teleworking employees in any state, Aronson & Company can provide insight on the nexus implications; email Henry F. Chiwaya, Senior Tax Manager at Aronson at hchiwaya@aronsoncompany.com.

Also, be sure to attend Aronson’s Fri, Nov 7th, 2008 event in Vienna, VA,  “The Tax Man Cometh – State & Local Tax Issues Impacting You!”  Your business extends beyond state borders and so may your tax obligations. Find out what you can do now to avoid unwanted tax surprises, maximize tax savings and minimize your tax risks.  Register Now!

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