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Toolkit Tuesday: Creating A Test Directory in Deltek GCS Premier (VIDEO)

In this video, senior technical consultant Aaron Solar shows you how to create a test directory in Deltek GCS Premier that can be used for various types of scenarios without jeopardizing your live/production data. Use a test database for practicing: month end close, changing revenue formulas, changing indirect rate structures, adding service centers, etc.

Toolkit Tuesday: Closing the Fiscal Year in Deltek GCS Premier Using the Two-Directory Method (VIDEO)

In this video, senior technical consultant Aaron Solar shows you how to close the fiscal year  in Deltek GCS Premier using the two-directory method, the differences in year-end vs. month-end closing, and how to roll forward prior year updated general ledger and contract sub-ledger balances.

Aronson LLC Acquires Deltek’s Washington Management Group

Acquisition positions Aronson as the Leading GSA Schedule Consulting Practice in the Nation

Aronson LLC, a nationally ranked top 100 accounting and consulting firm today announced that it has acquired the GSA Schedule consulting business of Deltek’s Washington Management Group (WMG). This acquisition positions Aronson as the leading full service GSA Schedule consulting practice in the nation.

An official Deltek partner since 2002, Aronson’s Government Contract Services Group provides a full range of accounting and business solutions for government contractors, including Deltek implementations, financial and contract compliance, business system adequacy and Cognizant/OIG audit support.

Jeff Capron, Aronson’s managing partner, commented on the transaction, “The acquisition strengthens the longstanding partnership between Aronson and Deltek. It allows both companies to focus on their core capabilities in the government contracting market and continue to provide unparalleled service to clients.”

Aronson’s GSA Schedule practice is led by Hope Lane, a partner with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Aronson serves a wide range of clients, from small contractors to Fortune 500 companies across the country, and provides a complete range of support that includes identifying, obtaining and maintaining GSA Schedule contracts, as well as resolving complex compliance issues.

The WMG business, which was acquired by Deltek in 2011, has more than 30 years of experience in contract management, risk management, contract compliance, advisory and consulting for government contractors.

This transaction will accomplish several key objectives:

  • Offer WMG clients access to expanded service capabilities to solve their most challenging business issues
  • Expand and extend Aronson’s team of government contract experts
  • Further position Aronson as a full service solutions provider to companies that do business with the federal government
  • Heightened collaboration with GSA, resulting from more frequent interaction


Toolkit Tuesday: Deltek GCS Premier Training: Service Centers / Intermediate Pools (VIDEO)

In this video, we go through the Deltek GCS Premier service center module, examples of usage, how to add accounts to existing service centers, processing and posting service center costs, and then reviewing to ensure costs were posted correctly and no unallocated costs remain.

Toolkit Tuesday: Deltek GCS Premier ACH Setup Tips (VIDEO)

Save time and money by implementing EFT/ACH in your organization and reducing your reliance on checks. Not only do the checks/envelopes/stamps cost money but they waste resources and the time required to prepare and deploy them. Simplify and streamline your A/P process by implementing one of the best onboard features of GCS. Plus, get tighter control on your cash by sending payments 48 hours before they’re due vs. a week, spend less time reconciling your bank account(s), and make vendors happy since they no longer have to hope the postal service didn’t lose their check.

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