Department of Defense (DoD) Seeks Comments on Draft Commercial Item Acquisition Guidebooks

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The Department of Defense’s (DoD) goal for procurement is to have an efficient acquisition system that is effective in providing support to the warfighter. The use of commercial item acquisition is seen as one way of achieving this goal, however there are currently varying levels of understanding and consistency within DoD regarding determining commerciality and in determining fair and reasonable prices.

For this reason, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy (DPAP) is seeking comments on its draft Commercial Item Determination Guidebook Part A and Commercial Item Pricing Guidebook Part B. The purpose of these guidebooks is to provide guidance to Contracting officers who may have less experience in making commercial item determinations and fair and reasonable price determinations.

DoD believes that the wider use of commercial item acquisition will produce expanded opportunities for nontraditional defense contractors to participate in Defense procurements. With the expectation of larger Defense budgets, the expanded use of commercial item acquisition procedures could benefit current and potential Government contractors by increasing procurement opportunities.

The Guidebook has been developed in conjunction with the proposed rule in the Federal Register (81 FR 53101) under DFARS case 2016-D006 to implement Sections 851-853 and 855-857 of FY16 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and Section 831 of the FY13 NDAA. The overall goal of the rule is to improve the consistency and timeliness of making commercial item determinations and commercial item pricing when competition is not present.

Comments on the Guidebook are due by May 1, 2017, and should be sent to


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