GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) Update – Contract Migrations

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GSA announced in early September their plans to consolidate seven services schedules into the Professional Services Schedule (PSS).  This initiative is intended to provide government customers with the ability to engage contractors that can provide total solutions to complex professional services requirements using a single GSA Schedule contract. It is also expected to increase federal use of the MAS program, improve program efficiency through fewer contracts and fewer solicitations to manage, and reduce costs for contractors associated with the management of multiple schedules/contracts. (See our blog post on the background and announcement of this initiative)

As we approach and move through GSA’s numerous milestones for consolidation, they are releasing new guidance regarding the various actions that must take place. The latest is on Contract Migrations. Recent communications have announced these details:

Contract Migrations: All single schedule holders within the affected programs will be migrated through a mass modification that will roll out to the affected programs over a period of six months. No changes will be made to their existing contracts, terms and conditions or end dates.

As part of the rebranding of Consolidated Schedule (00CORP) over to the PSS, the approximately 527 firms with two or more contracts in the affected schedules are required to migrate their contracts to the existing 00CORP program now. This migration is initiated by the completion and submission of the extensive “Consolidated Contract Migration Request” package by 12/31/14.

Once all existing firms with two or more contracts on the affected programs have been migrated to 00CORP, a mass modification will be issued to all 00CORP contract holders advising them of the program name change and solicitation number. After this action, all future clause updates will be under the new PSS solicitation.  FAS Region 10 will then begin shutting down the single schedules for each of the affected programs with the exception of Schedule 70 and 738X.  These two schedules are not a part of this professional services effort and will remain active programs within their respective acquisition centers. However, GSA will continue to carry both SINs C132-15, Professional Information Technology and SIN C595-21, Human Resource Services on the PSS in order to allow total solutions that include IT or HR service requirements.

GSA’s current PSS milestone schedule:


Aronson is tracking this program and will provide regular updates on our blog regarding any new developments, as well as in two upcoming Webinars focused solely on the PSS program. The first webinar regarding the PSS will be on December 17 and the second will be in February.  Details and registration information for both will be released soon.

Please contact us with any questions or if you want additional information about any government contracting topics.

Wade Prince

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As a Managing Consultant in Aronson LLC’s Government Contract Services Group, Wade Prince guides the GSA Schedule efforts for companies across a wide variety of industries. Mr. Prince assists his clients with GSA Schedule proposal preparation, contract management and provides guidance when utilizing the contract. He also coaches client senior management and C-level executives on the Government sales cycle and how best to pursue Government contract opportunities. Wade is an Aronson-featured and guest speaker on GSA Schedules. Mr. Prince has over 12 years of Project and Government Contract Management experience with more than seven in GSA Schedules Contract Consulting and Government Procurement Market Intelligence. He received his bachelor’s degrees from Georgia State University and served in the United State Marine Corps as a member of 2D Reconnaissance Bn from 1987-1991.

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