Gulf Oil Spill – new Federal Contract tracking code – Providing Contractor Support in National Emergencies

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The Federal Procurement DataBase (FPDS-NG) has added a new National Interest Action (NIA) value, “Gulf Oil Spill 0410″ to track the Gulf Oil Spill contracts. The new NIA is is valid from 04/25/2010 to 08/25/2010.

By coordinating with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), GSA provides support to other federal agencies when there is a presidential declaration of disaster or other incident of national significance.  GSA Schedule 84 (LAW) includes products for oil-spill containment under SIN 426 4F – Emergency Preparedness and First Responder Equipment, Training and Services.  114 contractors currently provide products under this SIN.  There are  opportunities for large and small business to provide contractor support in national emergencies.

In addition to federal agencies, state and local governments can access the preapproved roster of vendors and products offered by GSA Schedule vendors via two programs: GSA’s Cooperative Purchasing program (GSA Schedules LAW-84 and IT-70, all times) and GSA’s Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program (all GSA Schedules, times of disaster).

Although the GSA doesn’t track usage of Schedule 84-LAW at the state or local level, some numbers from the GSA suggest the procurement method is gaining traction. In 2008, vendors sold $5 million in disaster recovery goods and services through GSA Schedule 84. In 2009, that number jumped to $15.4 million.  State and local spending through another GSA procurement program, Cooperative Purchasing, are also on the rise. Pushed largely Schedule IT-70 spending, from $240 million in contracts at the state and local level in 2006, sales grew to $564 million in 2009. (Source: Emergency Management)

Looking for additional information?  The National Association of Government Contractors (NAGC) will offer a webinar on 5/24/10 to discuss the types of contractor support needed to help the government prepare for and establish resiliency in multi-agency responses to simultaneous national disasters.  Learn about opportunities for large and small business to enter the government’s supply chain of goods and services for national emergencies.

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