Ask FedPoint: How to Deal with Inactive Contract Clutter in Deltek GCS

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Dear FedPoint: My active contracts are getting lost on our Contract Revenue Summary Report due to the large number of inactive jobs that exist in our GCS Premier accounting system. Can I suppress inactive contracts from showing up on this report? - Rose, Annapolis, MD

Dear Rose:

Currently, GCS does not allow for the suppression inactive contracts on this report.  To get around this, you can set up a new division assigning inactive contracts that you wish to suppress to this division.  All of the inactive contracts that you assigned to this division will group together on the report.  You will then be able to discard the pages for this division.

To execute this work-around you will need to do the following:

  • Sep up a new division called “Inactive Contracts” in the Divisional Control File in the General Ledger Control and Mater Files
  • Assign the appropriate inactive contracts to the new division in the Contract Master File.  You can edit the “ALL” task and pass the changes through to all tasks if the entire contract is going to be moved
  • Set up records in the indirect pool file for the new division for all pools that have existed in your organizations history.  This is necessary for the indirect cost to be included in the contract totals
  • Compute revenue and costs and verify that there are no contracts with year-to-date costs or revenue appearing on the Contract Revenue Summary Report for the “Inactive Contracts” division

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