Resolution #8: We Will Ace Our Next GSA Schedule Compliance Report Card

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Now more than ever, the General Services Administration (GSA) relies on Contractor Assistance Visits (CAVs), and the resulting compliance report card, to measure how well GSA Schedule contractors manage and comply with contractual requirements. CAVs are performed regularly, usually annually, by an Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA) to test contractor compliance with their GSA Schedule contract terms and conditions. Contractors with failing grades may be putting their contract in jeopardy of cancellation or non-renewal. The CAV is designed to provide contractors with helpful feedback on how they are managing the many obligations that come with holding a GSA Schedule contract.

Like most “tests”, knowing the material results in good grades. The best way to prepare for your CAV is to be able to answer the questions on the Contractor Report Card. A sample report card can be found at:

Following are the most important questions the IOA will be reviewing for compliance:

  • Question 6: What your GSA Schedule Basis of Award (BOA)?
  • Question 6: Who is your Most Favored Customer (MFC)?
  • Question 6: What is the discount relationship between GSA and your MFC?
    • The answers to these questions should be documented in your original proposal and award documents.
  • Question 1: Are you in compliance with the scope of your contract?
  • Question 7: Do you have policies and procedures in place to track your MFC pricing?
  • Questions 4, 11 & 12: Do you have policies and procedures in place that cover all reporting requirements? i.e.
    • 72A reporting and IFF payments
    • Small Business Subcontracting Plan goals (if applicable)
    • Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliance
  • Question 24: Are you using the GSA e-Tools, such as GSA Advantage, eBuy, and eMod?
  • Question 13: Is your GSA Schedule pricelist posted on GSA Advantage and updated through the latest modification?

Aronson & Company’s team of dedicated government consultants understands the complexities of the GSA CAV process and uses this expertise to help clients avoid hidden dangers and navigate this rocky terrain.  To ace your next GSA Schedule report card, contact Pete O’Neill of Aronson & Company at 301-222-8226 or for assistance. Come back tomorrow for Resolution #9!

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