GSA Opportunities for Construction Companies

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The Federal government is one of the largest consumers in the world, so why not take advantage of the numerous business opportunities they offer? The Federal government has hundreds of open contracts across the United States available for construction and facility service companies to repair, build, and lease space for Federal employees and Federal programs. However, many companies in construction and facility services miss these opportunities because they don’t know about them. The General Service Administration (GSA) along with the Public Buildings Service (PBS) has established an online source to help companies identify available contracts and streamline the process for bidding on the projects.

One of the essential missions of the GSA is to provide workplaces to government employees and government programs through the construction of new government facilities, through the preservation of existing facilities, and by leasing commercial real estate from private sector owners. This mission provides many opportunities for construction and facility service companies to bid on government contracts that range in size and location. The GSA and PBS created a company friendly search engine that combines all available contracts in one place. allows companies to search through available contracts the government is looking to fund. The opportunities listed on the site include infrastructure repairs such as road repairs, water main repairs, and installing new fencing, with contract awards from a few thousand dollars to the design and construction of new buildings with contract awards in the millions of dollars. The site allows individuals to search through open opportunities by geographical location, NAICS Code, Classification Code (such as “Construction of structures and facilities” and “Maintenance, repair, and alteration of real property”), and more. The search page also allows individuals to filter their searches by “Set-Aside Codes” if they qualify as a veteran-owned small business, competitive 8(a) business, woman-owned small business, etc. Updated daily, the site is an excellent resource to help companies identify greater opportunities for business.

To learn more about GSA opportunities in the construction sector, please contact Aronson’s Construction & Real Estate Group at 301.231.6276.

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