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Strategic Alternatives – Leveraged ESOP Transactions

As M&A valuations have declined for the majority of the Defense and Government Services market over the past five years, …read more

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Healthcare Reform Alert: Obama Administration Announces Delay of Employer Mandate Under ACA

The Obama Administration has announced the delay of the employer mandate/pay-or-play provisions under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) …read more

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You Gotta Pay to Play – Sales Tax 101 for Government Contractors

Many government contractors assume that they are immune from sales tax, but that’s rarely the case, and states hungry for …read more

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Recent U.S. Weapons Systems Hack Foreshadows Continued Investment in Cybersecurity

A nonpublic report received by The Washington Post late last month has identified over two dozen major U.S. defense and …read more

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From a Recent Article in The Economist: Defense Growth in Developing Countries and the Expansion of Offsets

As defense budgets shrink in the US and Europe, contractors continue to proactively pursue opportunities in developing countries where defense …read more

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