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NCI to be Acquired by HIG Capital

After two tumultuous years of CEO changes and an embezzlement controversy, NCI has announced that it will be acquired by HIG Capital for an enterprise value of approximately $283 million.

End of a Chaotic Chapter

NCI, a provider of IT and professional services and solutions to the federal government, replaced Founder and CEO Charles Narang with Brian Clark in 2015. Twelve months later, Clark left for other opportunities and was replaced by Paul Dillahay. Just three months after taking the reins, Dillahay was forced to fire his controller, Jon Frank. In September 2017, Frank will face up to twenty years in prison …read more

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The IRS is Not a Party to Your Divorce, Your Agreement Does Not Bind Them

When a couple signs the dotted line of their divorce agreement, they should know that the IRS is not bound by the terms of that agreement. Evidenced in the case T.C. Memo 2017-80, the Tax Court has sided with the IRS in saying that it is not bound by the terms of a couple’s divorce agreement.

Sam and Mae signed a divorce agreement in 2013 in which the parties agreed that each would both be liable for 50% of their tax liabilities from prior years. In 2013, the couple received deficiency notices for their 2008 and 2009 jointly filed tax returns. …read more

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