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Societal Trend — Could Purple America be Disappearing?

Societal and political trends are important to donor and member recruitment activities for nonprofits and associations. Without question, the political divide is probably at its highest level since the Vietnam War. A recent article by David Wasserman highlights the extent of the current divide. In the article, Wasserman shares some eye-opening statistics related to our recent Presidential election, many of which are geographically based.

  • Of the nation’s 3,113 counties or county equivalents, just 303 or 9.7% were decided by single-digit margins. In 1992, 1,096 or 35.2% of counties were in that category. Over a third of the nation’s counties, 1,196 …read more

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What is the Value of Your Small Business and Why is it Important?

Understanding the value of a small business is critical for owners. Yet many business owners consider value simply from a balance sheet perspective, assuming the reported level of net assets approximates the value of the business. While the reported net assets could be a meaningful value proxy for certain businesses in certain situations, more often than not this is not the case. Why? Because for a typical small business, intangible assets will not be reflected on the balance sheet.

The presence of one or more intangible assets in a business, such as the examples shown to the right, often result in …read more

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