Daily Archives: March 3, 2017

Lean Startup – Helping Ensure Entrepreneurial Success

Curious about Lean Startup? What it really means and why the DC Tech community is talking about it? Lean is a disruptive way of thinking that can shorten cycles for developing products, business startups, and help ensure entrepreneurial success. Late last month, NVTC’s Small Business and Entrepreneur Committee explored Lean Startup methodology with an expert panel led by Bob Smith, Director of the GMU Small Business Development Center, serial entrepreneur and venture and angel investor. The panel also included experienced Lean Startup entrepreneur practitioners Steph Hay from Capital One, Abhishek Motayed from N5 Sensors, Patrick Smith from Power Supply, …read more

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Aronson Speakers in the Community

Aronson’s experts are helping companies expand their approach to government contracting. Join Aronson as we speak at the following events in March.

Aronson LLC | Free Webinar – Service Contract Act (SCA) Compliance in Real Government Contractor Environments: The Service Contract Labor Standards, better known as SCA, outline various operational requirements for service contracts over $2,500. SCA contains complex elements that can make compliance seem unattainable, especially because the rules of this 50-year old act do not overlay nicely with the reality of how government contractors do business today. This webinar will give an overview of SCA and …read more

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