Guide to the 2017 Presidential Inauguration

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For more than 200 years, America’s citizens have witnessed the inauguration ceremonies of the President and Vice President of the United States. From the first inauguration of George Washington in 1789, to today, as we prepare for the 58th Presidential Inauguration. The swearing-in ceremonies represent both national renewal and continuity of leadership.

While the peaceful transfer of power has occurred on every inauguration day, the events surrounding this notable occasion have grown and changed. These nine events are the most common:

  • Morning Worship Service
  • Procession to the Capitol
  • Vice President’s Swearing-In Ceremony
  • President’s Swearing-In Ceremony
  • Inaugural Address
  • Departure of the Outgoing President
  • Inaugural Luncheon
  • Inaugural Parade
  • Inaugural Ball

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