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The 2017 Employee Benefit Plan Benchmarking Survey

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Participate in Aronson’s 3rd Annual Employee Benefit Plan Benchmarking Survey and receive a free copy of the report that will help you evaluate how your plan stacks up against more than 200 of your peers. Retaining talented employees is a vital part of doing business, and employee benefit plans can be valuable tools in achieving your business goals.

Our Employee Benefit Plan Benchmarking Survey is quick, easy, and comprehensive. The survey covers all aspects of employee benefit plans and will take no more than 10–15 minutes to complete.

Aronson’s Employee Benefit Plan Benchmarking Survey will help your organization stay competitive by:

  • Benchmarking your employee benefit plan offerings and key provisions against other similar plans
  • Gaining insights into trends occurring in the marketplace complemented by expert insights from Aronson’s employee benefit plan specialists
  • Breaking down this complicated area with fresh data, straightforward charts and graphs, and actionable best practices

Complete the survey today by clicking the link below, and you will receive the Benchmarking Report free of charge in April. The survey closes on March 9th.

Survey Here!

Compare Yourself to The Competition

Retaining talent in an ever-changing market can be a daunting task. With flexible work schedules, healthcare reform and other demands placed on the modern employee, providing a benefit package that is mutually beneficial to both you and them is paramount. In its second year, Aronson’s Employee Benefit Plan Survey is now available thru March 10, 2016. The final report based on the survey findings will help you to determine your strengths and weaknesses, and determine how your plan matches up against the competition. For more information about our Employee Benefit Group and to take the survey, visit here. Stay tuned for the report release in April and join us for our event on March 22, where we will give participants a sneak peak of this year’s survey findings. Visit here to register.

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