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June Defense Federal Technology Market Update

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We invite you to read our June 2012 Newsletter, featuring the following topics:

*Selected M&A Transactions

*Industry Updates

*CIA Strategy Shift in Iraq

*Government Services Industry Performance

*Public Company Comparables

*Recent Industry M&A Transactions

Click the following link for a complete pdf file of the newsletter: ACP Monthly M&A Update – June Edition

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AFCEA Emerging Technologies Symposium: Big Data is a Big Problem

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ACP attended the first annual AFCEA Emerging Technologies Symposium, which focused on the development of new technologies to reduce costs and increase efficiencies throughout the Federal Government. The event included 6 minute presentations from 19 pre-selected businesses who provided an overview of their latest emerging technology and its key differentiators. Exhibitors ranged from privately held businesses and venture-backed start-ups to the large players like HP and Adobe. Examples of featured technologies included a continuous network risk monitoring tool and a sustainable communications solutions via private cell networks.  These presentations were complimented by industry panels and prominent keynote speakers, including Dr. Reginald Brothers, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Gus Hunt, CTO of the CIA, amongst others.

Although the event encompassed a broad spectrum of technologies, the big data challenges were continuously highlighted by the key decision makers in government. Hon. Tara O’Toole, Under Secretary for Science & Technology, DHS outlined the need for a strategic solution to the immense DHS big data challenge, which is created by the inflow of TSA, CBP, and IC information. DHS is currently responding to issues on a case by case basis. Both Captain Christopher Page, Commanding Officer, Hopper Information Services Center, ONI and Frank Konieczny, CTO Secretary of the Air Force Office of Information Dominance focused on security around big data, and highlighted the transition to a Attribute Based Access Controls (ABAC), which is a new access control approach for service oriented architectures. CIA CTO Gus Hunt identified big data as one of the CIA’s 4 “Big Bets”.

In summary, big data is a big problem, and agencies are struggling to find a solution. The government is overwhelmed by the plethora of information it’s new technologies have collected over the past decade, and it will be looking to the private sector for tools to manage it. Small businesses that can provide solutions to the government’s big data challenges will be coveted M&A targets by the strategic buyers, and will drive M&A over the next couple of years. If you’d like to further discuss the event, or the broader implications on the M&A landscape, please contact tschmitt@aronsoncapitalpartners.com.

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